• Gabby surrounded by flowers in cap and gown
    Gabby Sandoval

    “Over the years I have made some really amazing friendships, something I will cherish forever. I also love the fact that the teachers are so helpful and really support us as students in everything we do,” she says. “GPFAA has taught me to always give my absolute best in everything I do. Your best doesn’t mean it has to be perfect - just that you’ve tried your best.”

    English teacher Rachel Gunnels says, "Gabby is a remarkable young woman. She is a hard worker, and I can always count on her to help motivate her peers or give me good, honest feedback. I will miss Gabby’s bright smile every morning. Her overall positive attitude makes her a leader on campus, and her determination and resilience will make her a leader in life beyond GPFAA. I’m so excited to see what all she will accomplish!"

    Gabby will be attending UTA for a B.S. in Psychology.


  • Nathaniel holding cello
    Nathaniel Certeza

    “In my seven years at GPFAA, I have always loved that fact that I can treat every one of my classmates and friends like phamily, and that we support each other wholly,” he says. “When I was younger, I had a hard time working with others in a group, but now I gain happiness from working in a team.”

    Math teacher Shannan Wright says, "Nathaniel is one of the hardest working students I have ever had the pleasure of teaching. He wants to be pushed to know more than what we teach him. His love of math is so high, but this translates to his strand as well. I am so excited to see what path Nathaniel takes in his future, whether it be music or academic related. Nathaniel will end up being successful no matter what he chooses."

    Nathaniel’s plan is to explore Computer Science at UTA's College of Engineering.


  • Anthony Playing Cello
    Anthony Amaya

    “GPFAA has provided me the opportunity to develop who I am personally as well as academically, which has defined the entirety of my character,” Anthony says. “I’ve become tenacious here, not allowing others to limit who I am or what I can do.”

    Dean of Fine Arts Rich Laffey says, “Anthony is a well-rounded student that shows a promising future. He anticipates attending college for a degree in criminal justice and expects to experience a career in law enforcement. Anthony has been a strong and stable influence on the senior class, and I look forward to his bright future!”

    Next year Anthony will pursue criminal justice at Sam Houston State.


  • Gabby smiling
    Gabby Colon

    “My three years here have been enough to impact me in a big way,” she says. “GPFAA has shown me how hard people work in their art. That determination is something I will take with me, along with the love I’ve received.”

    Art Director Lena Rodriguez says, "Gabby is one of a kind. Her charisma and wit combined with her talent and drive create the type of student others are drawn to. She approaches all things optimistically and doesn’t hesitate to take risks. She is fully committed in her work and education. Our strand would not be the same without her."

    Gabby dreams of going to SAIC in Chicago.


  • Andres in front of a colorful wall
    Andres Juarez

    “GPFAA has expanded my passion for music, opening up different genres that I never expected,” Andres says. He also added, “Here, I’ve learned to take a breath – just to be more patient in general.”

    Advanced Academics Specialist Homero Llanas says, “Andres is well-liked and respected by both his peers and his teachers. He is a conscientious, hard-working young man who has excellent leadership skills and is always interested in supporting others in and out of the classroom. He will achieve great things in the future. I am incredibly proud of him.”

    Next year Andres will help grow the family business and major in business at college.


  • Elyana holds a violin
    Elyana Riddick

    “It’s been a joy ride. I love every minute of being in this school, seeing my friend’s faces every day, being in class with awesome teachers,” she says. Elyana has learned to take a step back to breathe this year “because I am as important as my academics and strand time.”

    Teen Leadership instructor Kelsi Livesay says, "Elyana is beautiful inside and out. No matter the task or title she strives for excellence. Her kindness and compassion for others sets her apart. She leads every day with a smile and will leave a lasting legacy."

    Elyana wants to help others, so she intends to pursue law, hopefully at Princeton.


  • Lyndon playing Cello
    Lyndon B. Huston

    Lyndon says, “With AP classes, orchestra and applying to schools, I’ve had to learn how to manage my time and make sure I’m spending time on what’s most important, which helps me keep everything in perspective.”

    Math teacher Matt Alexander says, “Lyndon is a fabulous young man. He works diligently and embraces challenges that others may shy away from. Lyndon is dedicated to success in both his art and academics. He is always willing to help others and leaves a lasting impression on his peers. GPFAA is lucky to have Lyndon as a student.”

    After graduation, Lyndon wants to pursue medicine or aerospace engineering at a university in Texas.


  • Alleia is in a contemporary dance pose
    Alleia Attaguile

    Alleia says, “In dance we’ve learned what it takes to dance in the real world. I’ve been given many opportunities like choreographing a show last year with my peers. Also, my academic classes are so advanced that I really feel prepared for college.” She continues, “GPFAA has helped me be more outspoken and stand my ground.” She has also learned how to teach others.

    Teacher Jennifer Gilmore Foley says, “Alleia is one of the most well-rounded, genuine, talented students I have ever had the pleasure of teaching. Not only is she a beautiful dancer and artist, but she is also an excellent student and a wonderful example to younger students. She is a pleasure to teach and always brings joy to my day – I hope that my daughter will grow up to exhibit the many wonderful qualities I see in her. Alleia has left a lasting impression on me, as she has with many others; GPFAA is a better place because of her and I have no doubt she will have a great impact on those fortunate enough to come across her path in the future.”

    Next year Alleia plans to study dance and business at a university.


  • Fabian in spotlight holding a sign that says "dream"
    Fabian Cortana

    “I realized if I wanted to be an actor that I needed to come to a school where they take acting seriously. Just getting to work on my art is really interesting, and every teacher here wants us to succeed, and they work hard for us.”

    Assistant principal Cheryl Butterfield says, “Fabian is an outstanding young man. He always has a positive outlook on life. In class, he strives for excellence and encourages his peers to do the same. He is always willing to lend a hand and help out wherever needed. Fabian is a great example for his peers and epitomizes our district slogan of Be Kind.”

    After graduating he hopes to be attend a university to continue his study of acting, and then he is off to L.A. to audition for as many things as he can.


  • Jakob against a wall
    Jakob Swallom

    “I like how GPFAA has grown over the past seven years. It is always looking to push forward, expand and move past boundaries,” Jakob says. “GPFAA has taught me a lot of accountability and self-responsibility, which I now find invaluable.”

    Art Director Lena Rodriguez says, “Jakob is one of the most hard-working, kind-hearted, focused students I’ve ever worked with. In addition to all AP courses his junior year, he also took two AP Art courses while working almost full-time hours at his part-time job and helping his mother through health issues. To witness Jakob grow over the past seven years has been a personal blessing for me, and I cannot wait to see how much more good he will bring to this world.”

    Jakob will be attending Texas Tech as an Engineering major.


  • A.J. holding a camera
    A.J. Walls

    “I have been really appreciative of the people that I have met through my school. When I look back at everything that has happened, especially recently, my friends have been the biggest blessing of my life,” A.J. says. “Growing up in a competitive environment, I have learned how to be resilient through all adversity. Knowing how to find the brighter sides in all situations is something I will carry on into my life forever.”

    Campus Life Coordinator Sean O’Donnell says, “A.J. is an amazing leader. She is unwilling to accept the status quo, always pushing herself and others to be better. She sees the path forward with clarity. Her best quality, however, is her kindness. She talks to everyone, and if anyone ever needs anything, she is there to help. I will be first in line at Sundance to see her first movie.”

    A.J. will be attending DePaul University in the fall, pursuing a BFA in Filmmaking.


  • Julie in front of a painting
    Julie Valdez

    “The staff at GPFAA treats us like adults. It has made me more independent, stronger,” Julie says. “I have really learned discipline, especially in art, which will help me in the future when I don’t have anyone organizing me.”

    Art Director Lena Rodriguez says, "Julie is a phenomenal young woman who has served as a leader in her class and strand with integrity and humor. Julie’s hard work and consistent efforts will be missed as she pursues her life goals and dreams beyond GPFAA."

    Julie plans on attending UTA to be a nurse anesthetist.


  • Liam Smiling
    Liam Greenaway

    “I’ve really liked GPFAA. The environment is like no other school,” Liam says. “I’ve learned to really value other people’s talents. Nowhere else will you find such focus.”

    Art Director Lena Rodriguez says, “Liam is in his seventh year as a student artist at GPFAA and is a great example of a leader. Liam gracefully balances work, Scouts, school and his position as president of the National Art Honor Society. He’s always eager to help and treats everyone as a friend. His artistic talent and ambition will serve as an incredible catalyst for a bright future.”

    Next year Liam hopes to go to Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design.


  • Cecelia in front of a colorful wall
    Cecelia Largent

    “GPFAA has taught me to work harder,” she says. “Everybody here is really good, so you have to work hard.” She has learned determination. “You have to keep your goal in mind from the beginning to the end.”

    Vocal Music Director Joel Duarte says, "Cecelia is always willing to put in the extra time and effort to make sure her assignments are completed on time with 100% effort. She is very consistent and detail in everything she does. When a task is assigned, Cecelia is attentive to the instructions and works diligently to complete quality assignments that reflect her knowledge. Her compassionate personality makes others feel appreciated and acknowledged. Responsible, hardworking and motivated are words that describe why Cecelia is a great role model for other students."

    Cecelia has been accepted into Texas A&M and wants to study education and educational psychology next year.


  • Sebastian with his cello
    Sebastian Womack

    About GPFAA Sebastian says, “I like how friendly we can be to each other and get to know each other on a deeper level because our bonds have been able to grow for so long.” He has learned at GPFAA to be more understanding and mindful of the struggles others might be facing.

    Teen Leadership instructor Kelsi Livesay says, “Sebastian has a kind heart and fiercely loves and protects those around him. He is a man of character who genuinely wants the best for others. His future is limitless because he continues to strive to be better.”

    Next year Sebastian will attend an aviation academy in order to become a commercial pilot.


  • Melanie on a ladder holding a light fixture
    Melanie León-Tejada

    “My problem-solving skills are heightened from being at GPFAA and balancing my academics and theatre. Through theatre I have learned lighting, acting, set design and spatial work as well as social skills, communication and planning,” she says.

    Dean of Instruction Joe Beck says, "Melanie is an excellent student who has a great rapport with her peers, teachers and administrators at GPFAA. She works hard and is dedicated to her academics as well as her strand. Melanie is a great example for current and future students."

    Next year Melanie will major in journalism or social work, hopefully at Stanford.


  • John holding a music book
    John Dubois

    John says, “I cannot tell you how many opportunities I’ve had here. We went to All-State. Sophomore year I was the only one in Texas selected for the National Association for Music Education (NAME) National Honor Choir. And this year we’re going to China!”

    The main character trait he has learned is to be confident. “Mr. Duarte tells us before an audition, ‘Don’t get nervous because you know you are prepared from all of your hard work.  Now it’s time to go in there and just sing.’”

    Vocal Music Director Joel Duarte says, “John is an incredible role model and a diligent student. He always comes to class prepared and creates high energy and quality work that exceeds expectations. John is a remarkable learner because he is self-motivated and always challenges himself to be at his very best. He has an outstanding work ethic - John manages his time as a talented & competitive performer and always gives 100% to both his academics and fine art.”

    Next year he will attend a university or conservatory and major in vocal performance.


  • AliceAnn in a dance pose
    AliceAnn Mosiniak

    About GPFAA she says, “Being able to dance every day has been amazing. The community is so welcoming, and being around so many like-minded people is a great place to foster growth and positivity. It’s hard to not be happy when I’m surrounded by so many amazing people.”

    Science teacher Toni Hinds says, “AliceAnn is the type of student every teacher wishes they could have. She is incredibly tenacious and is always looking for ways to be better. She is such a bright light, even on the bad days. Her smile and laugh are so infectious. She is an absolute joy to teach and to be around.”

    After graduating she wants to go to college and major in communications, English or dance. She hopes to be a professional ballerina, and she also wants to be a religious motivational speaker.