Jennifer Serrato

Phone: 972-264-7803


Degrees and Certifications:


Jennifer Serrato

Why did you become a teacher?

I became a teacher because all my life I have always loved working with children. I always knew that I wanted a career, in which, every day, no wo days would be the same, and I could have a great impact on children’s’ lives. Teaching always makes a visible difference, and I love watching my students grow.


Philosophy about teacher:

I believe that teaching is a task that is full of excitement, wonder, and joy. I strongly believe that all children are capable of learning when they have the proper motivation and direction from their teachers. As a teacher, I need to be aware of each child’s ways of learning, motivation, behavior, and development, in order to relate to my students and push them to reach their full potential. It is my duty to see that all my students’ learning needs are met. They deserve my time and full attention in regard to their education.



I am a mother of 2 children, boys ages 1 and 4, that I love spending time with, when I am not with my Daniels children. We enjoy going to indoor and outdoor playgrounds, going on nature walks and learning about the world around us.