Phantom Camp

  • We realize that you would like to know about our upcoming Phantom Camp. In order to keep our students safe, we have made the decision to host our Phantom Camp virtually.

    **Check your email for Zoom times and codes.

    Here is the update:

    • Phantom Camp will take place online in a virtual platform this year.
    • Phantom Camp will still take place during the same days and times, Mon., Tue., Wed., July 27, 28 & 29 from 8:30a to 12:30p.
    • We will NOT have any students coming to campus for Phantom Camp this year.
    • We realize that some of you have more than one child so the schedule, once shared, should be helpful for parents and students to understand the times and activities to participate in.
    • Some aspects of Phantom Camp will take place in an online, or Zoom, platform. Other aspects will be video based that can be viewed at any time from our campus website. We hope to design the best options and activities during this time to build bridges and get all of our students ready for school, especially for our new / incoming students.
    • The Directors will NOT be hosting a Zoom meeting, 4 hours a day, for three days. We will be designing activities that will be engaging and allow for as much engagement as can be possible. We realize some parents / students may not be available during this time, which is ok, we hope to design lessons and activities that will be helpful to get started as best we can.

    We also realize all our families are being asked to enroll online for this upcoming year. Yes, this is a necessary step for all families and during that online enrollment process our parents can select either an online virtual learning option for this upcoming school year or an "in person" school year. Whatever our parents decide, either the online virtual learning or the "in person" option, our Phantom Camp is open and available for all our students. 

    Thanks for your understanding and more information will be coming!
    GPFAA Administration