Substitute Management (Report an Absence)

  • For the 2019-2020 school year, we will be changing Substitute Management Systems from AESOP to Powerschool Smart Find (an eschoolsolutions product).

    What does this mean to you?

    • 2019-2020 GPISD Substitute Management System - Report an Absence
    • Each employee who requires a substitute when they are absent must REGISTER IN THIS NEW SYSTEM ASAP
      • See attached instructions for registering in Powerschool
      • The login and password is your PHONE NUMBER WITH NO AREA CODE AND NO DASHES (the phone number that is listed in your Skyward)
    • Questions? Need Help? Contact Ninfa Lozano at 972-237-5356 or Teree Berry at 972-237-5373

    2019-2020 Substitute Management System (Report an Absence) Print Version - PDF

    Welcome to Smart Find Express!

    We are excited to announce that we are updating the way Employees report their absences and request substitutes. 

    What you’ll need to know to always access the system

    • Phone number:  972-645-6574
    • Web address:
    • Access ID #:  your phone number minus area code and dash
    • PIN:  your phone number minus area code and dash until you change it upon registration

    What you need to do the first time you use the system

    • You will need to register with the system by calling 972-645-6574.
      NOTE: Phone registration is required before you access the web.
    • Enter your Access ID, followed by the star (*) key.
    • When the system asks for your PIN, enter your Access ID again, followed by the star (*) key.
    • You will be asked to record your name. Record your name and when you have finished recording, press the star (*) key.
    • Create your PIN. Enter the PIN you want to use followed by the star (*) key. The PIN must be numeric, must meet the minimum length requirements for your system and cannot be more than 9 digits.

    What you need to do when you access the web system for the first time

    1. Open your Internet browser and access the Smart Find Express site. The system Welcome message and any district-wide announcements are displayed.
    2. Enter your Access ID and PIN you selected when you registered by phone.
    3. Upon successful login, your home page is displayed.
    4. Please review/update your email address under the Profile menu.
    5. You can download the User Guide and watch instructional videos from the Help menu.

    What to do if you have questions as you are using the system

    • Use the enclosed step-by-step instruction guide to walk you through using the system.
    • For technical issues, please call 972-237-5356.
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