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This Month in #BeKind

  • Every month, the Be Kind Grand Prairie ISD campaign will focus on a theme that corresponds to the work being done in schools to teach students about kindness. 

    The theme for April is Be Kind: in Your Community:

    Week 2: Shopping in the time of Social Distancing

    • Buy only what you need so everyone has what they need
    • Allow the first few hours of the day for senior citizens and people who need to further limit their interactions
    • To keep limit our interactions, practice one person/one cart.

    Week 3: Help Our Healthcare Professionals

    • Do your part to flatten the curve by staying home as much as possible.
    • Wash your hands often.
    • Eat well, get exercise, maintain a healthy lifestyle

    Week 4: Appreciate Our Community Helpers

    • Staying at home helps our community helpers focus on the those most in need
    • Follow new guidelines for trash disposal


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What it Means to #BeKind

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    kind·ness - noun: the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate.
    Kindness is a behavior marked by a pleasant disposition and concern and consideration for others. It is considered a virtue and is recognized as a value in all cultures.

    Sometimes it is easy to feel like the world is getting harder, but if we look closer: on the web, in our families, neighborhoods, and classrooms, you will find empathy, compassion, and respect. Every day we hear new stories of people trying to make the world a better place. 

    In Grand Prairie ISD, school counselors and social workers work directly with students to prevent bullying in schools, foster empathy, and good decision-making skills in students and facilitate a global perspective through community-based outreach. Be Kind Grand Prairie ISD is a multi-faceted initiative that encourages students, staff, and community members to become emotionally connected and to cultivate respect for others. This is a commitment to change the culture of our schools and community by promoting kindness and compassion. It is our hope that the lessons shared by school counselors and social workers can spark a movement that makes the world a little bit kinder for all of us.  

    Being kind often requires courage. Grow with us as we explore intentional acts of kindness.

    Practice Kindness: Give honest compliments, celebrate someone you love, send an email thanking someone, tell someone how special they are to you, help a neighbor with yard work or food, open a door, listen, and refuse to gossip.

    Kindness is a willingness to full-heartedly celebrate someone else's successes.
    Kindness is also about telling the truth in a gentle way when doing so is helpful to the other person.
    Kindness includes being kind to yourself. Do you speak gently and kindly to yourself and take good care of yourself?