• Students and parents will be receiving info from their teachers within the next couple of days.
    Students and Parents please be looking for this communication from each of your teachers. It is information about online learning for the 4th quarter. Please acknowledge to your teachers receipt of the email. We are checking for internet connectivity. Any student that does not acknowledge receipt of the emails from their teachers will be assumed to not have internet connection and be required to pick up a packet every Monday between 8am-11am from SGPHS. All students must participate. Your 4th quarter grade will be determined by participation in your online/packet completion. Be prepared to start your 4th quarter learning on Monday 3/23/20. You will have an email with a lesson from everyone of your teachers. All online lessons must be completed by Friday at 3:00pm. If you are doing packet pick up, those will be due the following Monday between 8-11 when you pick up your new weekly packet.
    You will receive a new lesson each week during our indefinite school closure. 

    Please email your teacher directly with questions.