GPFAA Virtual Auditions: Summer 2020 (Round 3)

  • Hello Interested Families,

    We are now ready for selected applicants to perform their GPFAA virtual audition for seat at GPFAA. Please review the information on this page and ensure you and your child are ready to go. We have just a limited number of seats available and your application matches a grade/Strand opening, so we would like to "see" your audition!

    Due Date 
    The due date is one week after GPFAA sends the email. 

    How to Submit
    Each of the 7 different Strands listed below have a different design for this virtual audition. Please read this over carefully to understand how they would like to have your child submit their audition. With our school closed for the remainder of the year for in-person gatherings, the need for this virtual audition should allow for just the very, very best your child has to show! If he/she didn't like the first "take," have them do it again and again until the very best is produced. (see below)

    Zoom Interviews
    The Directors will also be requesting an online conference, or a Zoom conference, for each new applicant. In order to complete this, we would like to send this Zoom meeting to the parent email (not a student email address) to set up a date/time. The parents are certainly permitted to be in the presence of the student during the Zoom interview, but we ask each family to allow the applicant to conduct / participate / answer the Zoom interview completely on their own.

    Results to Parents
    The audition results will be communicated directly to the parents by Mr. Rich Laffey via email. Commonly, we issue the results to the students, but in this unusual case, we are sending the results to the parents to the email listed on the application. 

    If you have specific questions, please allow the director for each strand have the first shot at your question if it relates to the audition information provided here. If there are other questions about how, results, or other issues, feel free to contact Rich Laffey, Dean of Fine Arts at:

    We are excited to see great auditions! Have fun!

Spring 2020 (Virtual Auditions)


    Visual Arts auditions will be in the form of 4-5-minute video via YouTube.

    Artists will need to:

    1. Introduce themselves in the video and explain why they want to pursue a position in the GPFAA Visual Arts HS Program
    2. Show 5-7 pieces of art from this academic school year
    3. Select 2 of those pieces to talk further in depth about.
    4. The artist will conclude the audition by giving us three personal traits that express what they can contribute to our program.

    The featured artwork should be still images fixed on the screen while the student records themselves talking through the meaning and process, however, the introduction and closing needs to feature the actual student speaking.

    YouTube video links must be sent to: and

    A resume will be accepted but not required.


    Each student should prepare a resume summarizing the student's solo/ensemble, All-Region, UIL and other experience in addition to their educational awards/honors. Please attach a current headshot or photo as well. 

    Performance Requirements


    • Students should be prepared to perform two contrasting selections from the UIL Grade l, ll, or lll list.
    • Students should be able to play two-octave scales and arpeggios in C, G, and D minor. 
    • Students should be able to demonstrate the ability to read music and will be asked to sight read. 


    • Students should be prepared to perform two contrasting selections from the UIL Grade l or ll list. 
    • Students should be able to play two-octave or three-octave scales and arpeggios in major and minor keys up to 5 sharps and 5 flats. 

    Middle School Audition Requirements 


    • Incoming 6th-grade students who do not have a previous instrumental experience are required to take a music aptitude test. This short test will check the students' ability to hear, analyze, and repeat musical sounds. 
    • Incoming 6th-grade students with the previous instrumental instruction may choose to audition on their instruments. Reference the Audition Requirements for 7th and 8th grade below. 


    A resume summarizing the students solo/ensemble, All-Region, UIL, and other experience as well as other educational awards/honors. Please attach a current headshot or photo as well. 


    • Students should be prepared to perform two contrasting selections, which demonstrate technique appropriate to years of experience on the instrument. 
    • Students should be able to demonstrate technique through the performance of the following major scales: C, G, and D (one and two octaves). 



    7th - 12th Grade Requirements

    Students should be prepared to play a minimum of two major scales. The student should be ready to demonstrate technique, tone, tuning through a prepared piece, preferably mariachi, but other music will be accepted. The student should have a prepared piece to demonstrate vocal strength. The preference is mariachi, but other music will be accepted.

    6th Grade Requirements

    Student should be ready to do some simple techniques that will show technique, matching pitch, rhythm, etc. They should also be able to sing a song to show vocal ability. They can sing any song, or they should sing Cielito Lindo.

    Lastly, we will do zoom interviews/auditions for all levels.




    (PDF Print Version)

    For our online audition process each dancer will be required to electronically provide the following:

    • Professional Dance Resume
    • Headshot
    • Dance Video which includes:
      • A Solo dance demonstrating artistic and technical level (not to exceed 60 seconds)
      • An adagio performed right and left (minimum of 4-8cts on each side)
    • Prompt Response Video

    Please be prepared with all of the following BEFORE you begin the submission process. All required documents and videos should be sent in one email to Please read over specific guidelines for each item required:


    • The headshot does not need to be professionally photographed
    • Image should be from chest up
    • Image should only include the applicant
    • Save your image (png, jpeg) as the first last name Headshot ex. LisaTutuHeadshot.jpeg

    Professional Dance Resume

    • Please make sure the resume is updated and no more than ONE page in length.
    • What to include in resume and in this order:
      1. Header (name, address, email and phone number)
      2. Objective (Why do you want to attend GPFAA?)
      3. Education
      4. Dance Training (including summer programs)
      5. Awards/Scholarships (if any)
      6. Other (volunteering, leadership initiatives, clubs joined etc.)
    • Please save your document as First and last name resume ex. LisaTutuResume.doc

    Dance Video

    Your dance video should be filmed in the following order:

    1. Introduction

    Please state your name, current grade level, where you currently live and who choreographed your artistic solo.

    2. Artistic Solo

    The solo can be any style that you feel best demonstrates your technique and creativity level. The solo can be self-choreographed or choreographed by someone else. It can not exceed 60 seconds. Please wear all black attire, hair in a classic bun, no jewelry and appropriate shoes (or bare feet). Note: If you are performing a Hip-Hop, you may wear style appropriate clothing for this portion of the video.

    3. Adagio

    The Adagio combination should demonstrate your technical level. You may choose your own adagio combination. Please wear all black attire, hair in a classic bun, no jewelry and ballet shoes or bare feet. The combination must consist of at least (4) - 8-counts on both the right and left side and must be performed to music.

    • While you don’t need to submit a professional video, we must be able to clearly see you in order to observe your technique and musicality.
    • When filming, make sure that you are in close proximity to the camera while maintaining your full body in frame.
    • Do not submit work that has been edited with jump cuts or musical overlays.
    • If you plan to use a phone, please hold the phone horizontally to ensure that the dancer in the video is as large and as clear as possible.
    • Please ensure that we can hear the music as you perform.
    • Once you are satisfied with your recording, create an UNLISTED YouTube link . Please title your video first and last name Dance Video ex. LeonardLeoDanceVideo. Include this link in your audition email.

    Prompt Response Video

    • Choose TWO question prompts and answer in your own words.
    • Video should not exceed 60 seconds
    • Video should begin with an introduction (your name, what grade your currently in, and where you currently live)
    • Once you are satisfied with your recording, create an UNLISTED YouTube link . Please title your video first and last name Prompt Response ex. BeatriceBarrePromptResponse. Include this link in your audition email.

    Prompt Choices:

    • Why do you want to come to GPFAA?
    • What does community mean to you?
    • Why do you dance?
    • What does “a hard worker” mean to you?
    • What are your academic goals?
    • How do you respond to a challenge?
    • Why is dance considered a universal language?

    GPFAA Dance takes a holistic approach to selecting new students. We celebrate differences and believe each student can bring value to the program. We understand that a candidate may be stronger in one style of dance than another. In some instances, the Directors may request additional material or a personal interview. An additional request is not a reflection or indicator of our decisions.

    Best of Luck! We look forward to dancing with you in the near future. For questions please email


    Creating an unlisted YouTube video:

    • Create or sign into your YouTube Account
    • Click on your account name located in the top right of any page. Click on My Videos from the expanded menu.
    • Choose the video you want to edit and click the Edit button below the video thumbnail.
    • Scroll down to the Broadcasting and Sharing Options and find the Privacy section. You’ll see the option to make the video Public, Unlisted, or Private. Select Unlisted. Make sure to click the Save Changes button at the bottom of the page.
    • Once you’ve set your video as unlisted in your Account settings, you’re ready to share your video.
    • In order to share your video, just highlight, copy and paste the URL into the space provided on your GPFAA HIGH SCHOOL DANCE APPLICATION PORTFOLIO.



    To audition for Theatre, please prepare the following requirements and video yourself presenting them. Upload the video(s) to a YouTube Channel and submit the link to the video here:

    Please make sure your privacy settings are set to where we can view them.

    Technicians: one-min monologue and portfolio work

    Actors: Two one-min monologues (contrasting) for actor

    After receiving audition videos, we will have a Zoom interview on a date that we will send to the email you list in the above form. Date/Time TBD.



    We are excited that you are interested in auditioning for the Vocal Music Strand! We can’t wait to hear your audition! Since all auditions will be done through Video Submissions and, if needed, a Virtual Call-Back audition. We wanted to give you some tips so that you can create your best video audition!  

    Once you have read over the tips, Click HERE to view the requirements for submitting your Vocal Audition for the GPFAA Vocal Music Strand.  


    • Dress to impress!
    • Test your sound and video. Can you be heard clearly? Is the audio distorted? Maybe you're too close or too far from the microphone. Adjust and test again.
    • If you do not have a mic, make sure your recording device is close enough to get clear, clean audio. 
    • Please use a high-quality recording device such as a camera, MAC, PC, iPhone, or an Android Galaxy Smartphone.
    • Please record against a clean and clear background.
    • Be sure to record your performance video in a place with minimal sounds and distractions (e.g., unexpected sounds like a dog barking, baby crying, or loud neighbors). We don’t need any visual effects, props, or anything that would distract from your performance.
    • Make sure you frame the camera shot, so we have a full view of your performance. Don’t cut off your head, put the camera too close, or on the floor with a view up your nose. Make sure the camera is in focus.
    • Make sure you are well-lit, especially on your face (lamps or natural light work best). Make sure the light is in front of you. DO NOT HAVE LIGHTING BEHIND YOU.
    • Most Important! Be yourself! Each artist is unique and has their own style, let that shine through in your video submission.
    • Remember to have fun! Show us your personality and energy. We want to see you PERFORM!

    If you encounter any problems or have questions, please contact Mr. Joel Duarte at



    6th Grade Music Requirements

    Beginning band students that are interested in auditioning for the GPFAA Band Strand do not necessarily need any band or instrument experience. Students should be able to meet the schools’ enrollment requirements and be willing to be placed on an instrument that best suits their interests and abilities. We will have instrument placement try-outs the first week of school, and students will have the opportunity to try each available instrument in order to find the instrument to which they are most suited. It is recommended but not necessary that students have a basic understanding of rhythm and note reading. 

    Note: If a student has previous band experience, they should plan on auditioning on their instrument.

    7th – 12th Grade Music Requirements

    Students will need to demonstrate proficiency on their instrument at an appropriate level by performing the following:

    ·       A prepared solo or etude of your choice 
    ·       Major Scales (Concert Bb, Eb, Ab, Db, G, C, F) 
    ·       Chromatic Scale (Full Range) 
    ·       Sight-Reading

    Submit to:…GPFAA Jazz

    Join Code: ns8yak