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    Need to create a MSB account? Sign up, and then add students:

    Click your name up top and select My Students

    1. Click the Add Student button on the My Students screen.
    2. Select your student’s school and enter all the required information. [The district is selected automatically to match the students already on the user’s account; if the student being added is going to a different district, click the down arrow next to the district’s name at the top of the screen and select (Add another school district)].
    3. Remember the information you enter must match your district’s student information exactly. Required information may vary depending on the district’s settings, but it may include the student’s full name, student ID, and birthdate. Not sure what your student’s information is? Reach out to your student’s school directly for assistance by clicking the Don’t have your child’s student ID link and following the instructions on the following screen.

    * If you have more than one student listed in MySchoolBucks, be careful to select the correct student and the correct campus!

    ** If you have questions about the book fine amount, please email michelle.smith@gpisd.org.

    *** To have the student's name quickly removed from the campus fine list (for library books) either forward your receipt or take a screenshot of the receipt confirmation page and email to michelle.smith@gpisd.org.