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      • Pre-K - 3 | Montessori
        4 - 5 | Traditional

        Suzanna Dickinson Montessori Academy is a Montessori school for 3-year-old Pre-K through 3rd grade and traditional school for 4th through 5th grade that focuses on the social and emotional health of all students in addition to academic growth and success. A thriving Pre-K program gives students a head start on their education which they are then able to continue through the 5th grade in a familiar and loving environment.


        Our mission is to provide an exemplar Montessori education to all children in order to enable them to realize his/her richest potential and to become independent and self-motivated learners.


        We are a learning community that prepares our students for success by meeting the academic and social-emotional needs of each student and empowers them to be leaders today and tomorrow.

        How to know Dickinson Montessori Academy is right for your child:

        1. You want your child to learn in a family-oriented, community-based environment with a caring staff that practices the Capturing Kids’ Hearts procedures and mindset.
        2. Your child thrives on structure with a nurturing approach.
        3. Your child enjoys the use of technology to learn.

        Unique ways your child can learn and grow here:

        • Mindfulness techniques practiced throughout the day (morning meeting, classroom meetings, end-of-day meetings, breathing techniques, social and emotional health learning)
        • Dual-language classes to create biliterate, bilingual, and bicultural students
        • Technology focus with parent communication (SEESAW)
        • Outdoor learning area
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      Curriculum Offerings

      • Curriculum Offerings Curriculum Offerings

        Outdoor Learning Area with Instructor

        Montessori 3-year-old PK through 3rd grade starting 2022-2023

        Gifted and Talented - Curriculum units at this level are interdisciplinary and based on broad themes.  The units capture the high levels of achievement that GT students can exhibit. They incorporate logical critical and creative thinking skills into the core academic areas of math, reading, writing, science, and social studies. Independent research opportunities allow students to investigate specific topics of interest and to develop sophisticated products. 

        Dyslexia Program   - Multisensory Teaching Approach 

        Bilingual/ESL/Dual Language 3-year PreK – 5th grade – Dual Language classes are available at every grade level in our school, following the Gomez and Gomez model. We create Bilingual and Biliterate students.

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      Extracurricular Opportunities

      • Extracurricular Opportunities Extracurricular Opportunities

        Afternoon Clubs - Weekly

        Leadership Opportunities - Student Jobs

        School-wide Morning Meeting

        Mindfulness - Practiced School-wide throughout the day including Morning Meeting, Classroom Meeting, Breaks, and end of the day teaching breathing techniques and self-care through social and emotional lessons.

        Kindness Crew - A team of students that works to promote kindness and compassion around the campus and community by doing community projects, social learning activities, and inspiring acts of kindness.

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