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      • Pre-K 3 & Pre-K 4 | Choice

        Our campus is an Early Education School focused on the development of the whole child. We provide rich literacy experiences for our students focusing on skills needed for the 21st century learner. Our school's instructional practices support diverse learning styles and provide meaningful, engaging experiences for all. Crockett uses developmentally appropriate programs and curriculum to accommodate student needs. We offer a variety of classroom settings including: Two-Way Dual Language, Tuition-Based, ESL and Blended Classes.

        Through our unique population of young learners, Crockett Early Education School has the opportunity to focus solely on the developmental milestones of Pre-K aged students to foster their growth in academic, social and emotional excellence. We extend the advantages of our award-winning campus to students as young as 3 years of age through an all-day tuition or tuition-free option.

        How to know Crockett Early Education School is right for your child:

        1. You want your child to begin their academic career in a dual language program that produces a bilingual, biliterate, and bicultural scholar.
        2. You want your child to flourish academically through an individualized hands-on learning experience using a structured curriculum that meets Texas required standards for early education in a positive, caring environment with highly qualified educators.
        3. You want your child to cultivate emotional awareness, control, and resilience through mindfulness coaching and strategies.

        Unique ways your child can learn and grow here:

        • Weekly exposure to music, art and physical education classes that generate a well-rounded learner
        • Extensive interactive technology to prepare students for their digital future
        • Visual literacy implementation to deepen comprehension skills
        • Learn experientially in our Outdoor Learning Area
        • Enhanced curriculum with STEM integration
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      • Mission Statement

        Our mission is to support our students in reaching their highest developmental, social and academic potential. We will create and maintain a developmentally appropriate environment for learning while empowering families to participate in and enhance their children's education. By monitoring their progress, we will make data driven decisions that aid in each student's achievements and provide comprehensive support.

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      Curriculum Offerings

      • prek student learning Curriculum Offerings

        • General Education classes that allow students to flourish academically through an individualized hands-on learning experience using a structured curriculum that meets Texas required standards for early education
        • English Language Learners are supported through ESL classrooms and Dual language programs that produce a bilingual, biliterate, and bi-cultural scholars
        • Preschool Programs for Children with Disabilities (PPCD) and blended classrooms are available to ensure the needs of all students are met
        • Social and Emotional Learning emphasis to cultivate emotional awareness, control, and resilience 
        • Weekly exposure to Music, Art and Physical Education classes that generate a well-rounded learner
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      Extracurricular Opportunities

      • Kindness Crew

        Beyond the Bell

        On-site after-school care is available to Pre-K4 students by the district’s Beyond the Bell Program

        Kindness Crew

        A group of students that learn about how to become emotionally connected and cultivate respect for others by promoting kindness and compassion.

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