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      • Grades 6 – 8 | Traditional

        Truman Middle School is a place that focuses on inspiring students to become innovative leaders in an increasingly global community.

        Mission Statement

        Our mission is to ensure the social and academic success of students through engaging learning experiences, collaborative leadership and a focus on maximizing achievement. Our vision is to inspire our students to become innovative leaders in an increasingly global community.

        How to know Truman Middle School is right for your child:

        1. Your child would benefit from a traditional learning experience focused on literacy, math, and social development.
        2. Your child enjoys exploring different enrichment programs including: Junior Cadet Corp, dance, band, orchestra, choir, theater arts, and visual art.
        3. Your child will thrive in a safe environment that promotes diversity and acceptance.

        Unique ways your child can learn and grow here:

        • Daily classes in fine arts and athletics
        • High school courses available for credit in 8th grade
        • iPads for each student to enhance the learning experience
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      Curriculum Offerings

      • Curriculum Offerings Curriculum Offerings

        Classes are offered in various levels including Advanced, Gifted and Talented, On Level or Enrichment. 

        We offer classes where students earn High School credit which include:

        • Spanish 1 & 2
        • Peacekeepers 1 & 2
        • PE Foundations
        • English 1
        • Algebra 1
        • Geometry
        • CTE
          • Health Science Pathway- Medical Terminology and Principals of Health Science
          • Computer Science Pathway- Digital Media and Principals of Informational Tech

        As a traditional school, we offer a wide variety of electives for our students to be able to get the full, traditional MS experience including Band, Art, Theatre, Orchestra, Choir, Dance, Junior Cadet Corp, AVID, and College & Career Readiness.

        We offer Pre-Athletics for our 6th graders to help prepare them for Athletics. 7th and 8th grade Athletics allows for girls and boys to compete in sports offered through GPISD.

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      Extracurricular Opportunities

      • Extracurricular Opportunities


        7th and 8th grade boys and girls sports are offered through GPISD.

        Student Leadership and Clubs

        National Junior Honor Society, Student Council, Peacekeepers

        Kindness Crew

        A team of students that works to promote kindness and compassion around the campus and community by doing community projects, social learning activities, and inspiring acts of kindness.


        Dance, Cheer, Choir, Theatre, Orchestra, Band and Junior Cadet Corp

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