• Parents of Seniors,


    Here is the information that we covered at our Parent Meeting on Monday night.  I am attaching the link to the presentation as well as some of the links we discussed.

    March 6 Senior Parent Meeting Presentation


    Senior Breakfast and Picnic:

    • The Breakfast and Picnic are Parent-Led
    • We get parents to volunteer to: Decorate, Setup, Serve, Breakdown, and Donate items
    • We will be happy with any kind of help you can give
    • Here is the link to sign up: 
    • https://forms.gle/vGCg2SR3QSfaadfL6


    Senior Field Trip Chaperones: March 22nd


    Graduation items:

    • 9 tickets for Family and Friends (all 9 will be together)
    • Graduate does not need a ticket
    • Children 12 months and under do not need a ticket provided they sit on an adults lap (Theater policy)
    • Tickets will be passed out the last full week of school to your child
    • Wheelchair/Handicap/Easy Access Seating requests:
      Wheelchair/Handicap/Easy Access Seating Request
    • This seating is located in the Kings and Queens Rows and the last row of the 200 sections
    • I am attaching a seating chart of the theater to show where these sections are located


    Thank you and as always, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask us.


    Mr. Armijo

    Mrs. Lynch


     Texas Trust Seating Chart