• Concerns with Cell Phones at our High Schools

    Concerns with Cell Phones at our High Schools

    Distractions During Class Time

    Cell phones in classrooms intensify distractions, hindering students’ attention, participation, and academic performance.

    Safety and Security

    Cell phones in high schools can amplify cyberbullying and harassment and add additional safety concerns during passing periods. 

    Reduced Social Interaction

    Cell phones in classrooms impede students’ opportunities for meaningful social interaction and collaborative learning.

    Excessive Screen Time

    The potential for addiction and dependency on cell phones can negatively impact sleep patterns, concentration and contribute to anxiety.

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  • Staff Survey Results

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    91% YES
    I have observed classroom management issues regarding cell phones in my classroom.

    90% YES
    When students do not have access to cell phones in the classroom, are they more engaged in instruction?

    95% YES
    I would be in support of a system that limits cell phone use at school.

    95% YES
    I believe that cell phone use contributes to disciplinary/ safety concerns on campus.

    92% YES
    Do you think there would be social and emotional benefits for students if we limit cell phone use at school?

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  • These Districts are Implementing Yondr


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  • Our Proposal

    Restrict the use of cell phones during the instructional day in order to...

    Maximize instructional time
    Maximize instructional time

    Focus on learning
    Focus on learning

    Reduce behavioral issues and student altercations
    Reduce behavioral issues and student altercations

    Improve SEL outcomes
    Improve SEL outcomes

    Build resilience, persistence, and self-control
    Build resilience, persistence, and self-control

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  • The YONDR Program

    The Solution

    Create a focused learning environment for all students from arrival to dismissal.

    How It Works

    how it works

    Place phone in pouch when entering the school building.

    Click the lock button and place phone in backpack.

    Tap the lock on the magnet to unlock on the way out of the building.

    The Yondr Program Includes:

    Phone-free Equipment
    Student pouches, medical pouches, magnet bases, handheld magnets, storage totes, and storage hampers

    Training and Support
    Implementation planning, program orientation, ongoing support, yearly assessment and evaluation

    Curriculum Resources
    Fundamentals of digital citizenship, lesson plans, activity guides, resource library, and program maintenance

    Schoolwide, Phone-free Focus

    Yondr school partners see improvements in:
    Student behavior/school safety
    Academic performance
    Social connection
    Mental health
    Student engagement
    Narrowing the achievement gap
    College-workplace readiness


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