• American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) Infrastructure Investment Information

    As Superintendent of the Grand Prairie Independent School District I, Dr. Susan Hull, hereby certify pursuant to Division A, Title XV, Subtitle A, Section 1511 of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA), Public Law 11-5, that the infrastructure investment listed below has received the full review and vetting required by law and that the infrastructure investment is an appropriate use of taxpayer dollars.

    Transition Center at SGPHS: The Transition Center for Special Education students will provide training and employment services to students with disabilities to achieve career goals and to improve their quality of life. Students will be provided a location where they can learn requisite skills for adult independent living, foster independence and promote self-advocacy. Proper work habits are learned, such as how to be at work on time and how to get along with others in a real work environment.

    Estimated total cost of project: $364,101
    Amount of ARRA funds to be used: $317,496

    Adapted Playground at Bonham Early Education Center: The adapted playground will allow students with disabilities ages 3-5 accessibility to a outdoor play area. The adapted playground will address the different physical, developmental, cognitive and sensory abilities of the students. This type of playground helps build strength, coordination and balance – allowing children to become less dependent on adult assistance. It will also facilitate sensory processing, as well as develop social/communication skills.

    Estimated total cost of project: $180,838
    Amount of ARRA funds to be used: $138,925