About Our School

  • Mission
    Bowie Fine Arts Academy is wholeheartedly committed to cultivating a community of vibrant, talented lifelong learners and problem solvers. At Bowie, everybody grows!

    Bowie began as a traditional elementary school in 1951 and is now a fine arts academy. Our campus uses the one-way dual language model which grows bilingual, bi-literate and bicultural students. The primary focus at Bowie Fine Arts Academy is helping students grow academically, socially and artistically.

    While construction crews were hard at work designing an amazing new building for us, we have been busy designing an engaging and rigorous fine arts experience for our students. Although our primary focus is student achievement, we have a plethora of afterschool clubs that concentrate on fine arts, and our specific areas of focus are as follows: Dance, Theater Arts, Digital/Visual Arts, and Vocal Music.

    Much like at Disneyworld, we consider ourselves not only a family, but members of a cast, preparing a meaningful experience for our school community. 

    School Profile
    Bowie Fine Arts Academy Profile - English | Perfil de Bowie Fine Arts Academy – Español