2013 School Board Election


May 11, 2013 School Board Election


As most of you know, we are one week away from Early Voting (April 29th thru May 7th) for the 2013 School Board Election, and about one month away from the May 11th School Board Election.  Each of your campuses will be involved as a polling site on May 11th.   Dallas County Elections usually begins delivering polling equipment to our 15 local polling sites (campuses) the week before the Election. 


·         The Election is a one day event with the polls being open for voting from 7:00am-7:00pm.

·         The Election Judges will need access to the individual polling sites from 6:00am-10:00pm on Election Day.

·         Buddy Davis will organize/coordinate the custodial responsibilities of opening and closing of the facilities.

·         Jonathan Ozuna will be responsible for programming the air conditioning at each campus.

·         Principals, please stress to custodians in charge of opening/closing the buildings, the importance of being punctual and having the site open on time for the Election Judges to have access to the building.



·         Provide 3 tables and chairs for the Election Judges and clerks

·         Access to a standard electrical outlet within 25th of tables

·         Access to a telephone for judges to call in results of Election.

·         Voting site shall not be places on a stage or where it is not handicapped accessible.


Polling Sites Locations

Arnold Middle School                       Johnson Elementary          Charley Taylor Rec. Center

Bowie Elementary                             Milam Elementary             Grand Prairie Fire Station #8

Crosswinds High School                     Rayburn Elementary

Daniels Academy                               Reagan Middle School

Eisenhower Elementary                      Travis Elementary

Garner Fine Arts Academy                 Truman Middle School

Houston Professional Dev. Ctr.            Zavala Elementary

Lamar Alternative School


Mike Wallace
Phone: 972-237-5403
Email: mike.wallace@gpisd.org