• This page provides information about Grand Prairie ISD's use of the Daily Vroom app.

  • Parents...

    and grandparents
    and child care providers
    and anyone who builds the brain
    of a young child in their care...

    To learn more about Vroom, navigate to this video. Then locate the Daily Vroom app and install it to your mobile device. You will be prompted to enter your child's name and age.

    Afterwards, you'll receive a daily tip describing fun, short activities that will build the brain of your young learner. This app is ideal for parents of children from 0-4 years of age.


    Vroom Information

    App Installation

    Brain Building Basics – English  |  Spanish

    GPISD Vroom Survey – English  |  Spanish


  • Presenters...

    Would you like suggestions
    on introducing interested parents 
    to the Daily Vroom app and its benefits?

    1. Connect your device to the projector, show app, and demonstrate daily tip. No device? Show the interface here instead

    2. Explain that app activities are based on research and are designed to build the brains of young learners. Use available presentation materials to further explain.

    3. Show the video. (2 minutes)

    4. Provide time to install app. Mention that the app installs in the language set on the device either English or Spanish. 

    5. Ask everyone to complete a survey. This provides feedback to Commit2Dallas, the organization funding our materials.

             English Survey             Spanish Survey

    * No mobile device? Tell parent that offline activities are available and to speak with you after the presentation. 

Vroom App Interface

  • VroomApp Interface1 VroomApp Interface2