Visual Arts

  • The Visual Arts Department at the Grand Prairie Fine Arts Academy is a place where art is taught and practiced daily. Through the guidance of teachers, students are prepared with a strong foundation in preparation for 21st-century career and collegiate opportunities. Our rigorous course study offers time for concentrated effort, requiring a high degree of commitment. Acceptance into GPFAA is based on a high level of art appreciation and art experience. Students in the Visual Arts strand will receive a well-rounded education designed to strengthen their portfolio and artistic experiences as they advance through their academic careers.


Audition Information and Requirements

  • Incoming students auditioning for Visual Art are required to bring and prepare the items listed below. 
    Resume and Photo
    Resume & Photo summarizing the students educational, visual arts, and off strand awards and honors.(Addl. copy of latest grade report is suggested but not mandatory)
    Portfolio of recent artwork
    Letter of recommendation from current strand director/teacher
    * Letters of recommendation are optional and are provided at the sole digression of the art candidate's teacher.

    A minimum of five (5) and a maximum of twelve (12) two-dimensional works of art in a variety of media. It is not necessary to matte or frame the artwork. Any additional three-dimensional media may be viewed as a photograph or brought to the interview if it is small enough to carry.

    Sketchbook: Any additional working drawings or sketchbooks are encouraged.

    Impromptu Drawing: A still life will be set up at the interview and students will be asked to draw to establish basic skill level. Students should demonstrate proficiency in their art that is at an appropriate level for which they are auditioning.

    Interview: Applicants will be asked to explain their works of art, and the direction in which they envision their visual art training going moving forward.

    All decisions are final for both high school & middle school auditions.