Free and Reduced-Price Meal Applications

  • Does GPISD Child Nutrition program offer free or reduced priced meals?   
    Yes, GPISD is partnered with the National School Lunch Program (NSLP). Families that qualify for the NSLP may receive free or reduced priced meals. Applications must be submitted for each and every school year.  To complete the application, visit

    Who may qualify for Free or Reduced-Price Meal Benefits?
    With an approved lunch application, children in households receiving Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program benefits (SNAP--formerly Food Stamps) or TANF may be eligible to receive free meals regardless of household income. Also, if your household income falls within Federal Income guidelines, your children may be eligible to receive free or reduced-price meal benefits. Foster-Care children may also qualify for Free or Reduced-Price Meal benefits. Call the GPISD Child Nutrition office at (972) 343-4410 or email at, if there are any questions.

    Are all childhood or pre-K students eligible for free meals? 
    Yes, for School Year 2019-2020, all students participating/enrolled in childhood or a pre-K program are categorically eligible for free meals.  If you have multiple GPISD students in your household, please list your pre-K student as a household member on the meal application to ensure your household count is accurate.

    How do I enroll my child in Free or Reduced-Price Meal Benefits? 
    Paper applications available at the Child Nutrition office or your child’s school office. Online applications may be submitted at

    When do I need to complete the application? 
    A GPISD application must be submitted for each calendar school year. Before the first day of school begins is the best time as you will be responsible for funding your child’s meals until an approved application has been processed. Online and paper applications will be available July 31st. The approval process may take up to ten (10) working days from the date of your submitted application. If you have not received written notification of your approval or denial, please contact this office directly at 972-343-4410 or email at

    If my child is transferring from another school district and was receiving Free or Reduced-Price Meal Benefits do I need to submit an application with Grand Prairie ISD?
    Yes, eligibility for Free or Reduced-Price Meal Benefits does not automatically transfer from district to district.

    Do I need to fill out an application for each child?
    No. Only one application per household is required to apply for free or reduced-price meal benefits. Each household may complete one Family Application for Meal Benefits listing all children in the household. Incomplete Family Applications will not be approved; therefore, all required information requested on the application must be included. All household members must be listed along with any and all sources of income for each inhabitant. 

    I received a letter stating my child is eligible for free lunch but the letter didn’t list ALL the children in my household that attend Grand Prairie ISD.  Do I need to do anything?
    Yes, you will need to fill out an application that includes ALL members of your household including the student on the letter so we can extend free lunch benefits to ALL students. If you are unsure, please contact Child Nutrition at 972-343-4410 or email at

    If I do not qualify at this time, may I apply again, later?
    Yes. You may re-apply at any time during the school year, if your household size changes, or if the household income changes, or if the household starts receiving SNAP or TANF benefits.

    Letter to Household - English and Spanish

    If you have other questions or need help, please call our office 972-343-4410 or email at