• Information for Students with 1:1 iPads


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    Self Serve image icon How to use Self Service to get apps

    Self Service is a catalog of apps available to you for installation on your student iPad. Tap the Self Service icon on your iPad to install an app that your teacher would like you to use or an app that you want to use.


    Using the iPad at Home

    Image of Content Keeper login screen

    Go to Settings>Wi-Fi and tap your home wireless network name. You will need to type in your home Wi-Fi password. When prompted, log in to Content Keeper with your same computer login that you normally use at school. The apps and websites will work after connecting to wifi AND logging in to Content Keeper. 

    Canvas app icon Canvas App for Students

    The Canvas student app should install automatically on your student iPad. Please use your same student login to use the Canvas app. If you are at home, be sure to open a browser (Safari or Chrome) and log in first with Content Keeper.


    REQUIRED Settings for All Students


    1. REQUIRED: Take a Selfie to Identify Your iPad

    Use this tutorial titled How to Use Markup on your Selfie to Create Your Lock Screen to help identify your iPad. This is required for all middle school and high school students. 

    Tutorial for How to Use Markup on Your Selfie to Create Your Lock Screen


    2. REQUIRED: Change the picture on your Apple ID

    Tap Settings>Your Apple ID name>Tap your picture to Edit. Use the same selfie as above or take another picture of YOURSELF. The picture must be of YOUR FACE. 


    3. REQUIRED: Change the name of your iPad

    You may change the name of your iPad HOWEVER you MUST read and follow these guidelines below. Tap Settings>General>About>Name

    This is the way you should type your name. LEAVE the serial number there that you see. Do not delete this. Simply add a dash/hyphen at the end of the serial number and add your first and last name. SO the name of your iPad should look like this: F2MSK07RHG03- Firstname Lastname


    Give your input on Brain Break apps

    What free and educational or brain break apps would you like to see available on your student iPad?

    Student App Input Form