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Sexual Harassment Awareness and Prevention

Sexual harassment in schools is unwanted and unwelcome behavior of a sexual nature that interferes with a student’s right to receive an equal educational opportunity. It is a form of sex discrimination that is prohibited by Title IX, a Federal law establishing civil rights in education that addresses issues of sex discrimination. GPISD counselors provide guidance at every level of education intended to inform students and parents as well as enable school employees and officials to provide appropriate response to reports of sexual harassment. The ultimate goal is to identify sexual harassment and to take steps to prevent its occurrence at every campus in GPISD.

Tips for Parents
It is common that neither girls nor boys understand the meaning of sexual harassment. They don’t understand that boys can be sexually harassed, too, and that sexual harassment goes beyond unwanted touching.

Parents should 

  • Talk about the different forms of sexual harassment and
  • Once their child understands what sexual harassment looks like, talk to him/her about ways to handle it.

For more information and tips on starting the conversation go to:

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