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YWLA student raises funds to help empower women, is recognized by GoFundMe

Courtesy: GoFundMe

A student from Young Women's Leadership Academy (YWLA) is raising money to help women and girls be more confident, and is gaining national recognition for her efforts! 

Taylor McCowan is a junior at YWLA and, along with her mom Cornelia McCowan, who is also GPISD's Executive Director of College Readiness, they both volunteer in their local community. Taylor and Cornelia hand out bags of food and other essentials to persons experiencing homelessness around Dallas-Fort Worth. 

"Our mom taught us to stay involved in community service projects and to give back to the environment we grew up in," said Taylor. "I was feeding the homeless with my church and we would provide them with food and clothes, but the women and girls that I saw didn't have feminine hygiene products."

After the disparity was brought to her attention the first time, Taylor started noticing the need in her community even more and decided to take action and she started a project Taylor calls: The Confident Girl Project.

"I came up with the name The Confident Girl Project because you are confident when you are comfortable and you cannot be comfortable if you are not getting the hygiene products that you need." 

Taylor and her mom bought products from local stores and eventually decided to ask for donations to make Taylor's mission possible. GoFundMe recognized Taylor's efforts and reached out to her to spotlight her as a GoFundMe Hero.

"I am so proud of Taylor!" said Cornelia McCowan, Taylor's mom. "She did not have the opportunity to present her project at the DECA State Competition because of the ice in February. I told her that hard work and dedication always pay off. Now she has experienced the satisfaction of a job well done. I love watching my daughter follow her passion!"

Taylor's GoFundMe reached her initial goal of $2,000 and continues raising money to help more girls and women. 

Taylor's GoFundMe can be found here

To hear more from Taylor listen to her podcast with GoFundMe here,

Written by Roxana Rubio