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GPISD Has Been Awarded the 2018-2019 Services to Students with Dyslexia Grant

Grand Prairie ISD, in collaboration with Greenville ISD, was awarded the 2018-2019 Services to Students with Dyslexia Grant from TEA in the amount of $1 million dollars. GPISD is one of ten districts in the state awarded the grant, which was created under House Bill 21 (HB21).

The purpose of the 2018-2019 Services to Students with Dyslexia Grant is to provide startup funding for innovative school-level models of instruction that effectively address the educational needs of students with dyslexia.

This Early Scholars Program was designed to increase the number of students who are identified early and enrolled in dyslexia services by the beginning of 1st grade to meet the GPISD goal of students reading at grade level by third grade.

It will impact students at all three tiers of instruction:

Tier 1: All students in pre-k through 3rd grade will be provided explicit alphabet phonics classroom instruction.
Tier 2: Students identified as struggling in reading at Daniels Elementary Academy of Math and Science, Seguin Elementary and Travis World Language Academy will be provided small group interventions delivered by a full-time, trained interventionist.
Tier 3: Students identified with dyslexia will continue to receive early intervention dyslexia services with highly trained dyslexia therapists—they will have the opportunity to work towards an academic language therapist certification.

This grant will also incorporate four researched based components of family engagement and community collaboration:

  • family to family support
  • network of community resources
  • family participation in the decision making
  • tools to extend learning into the home through the use of technology