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Grand Prairie ISD School Board Wins Award from Arts Schools Network

Grand Prairie ISD School Board Wins Award from Arts Schools Network - Press Release (Print Version - PDF)


Contact: Melissa Brookes, Managing Director, (773) 315.1118,

Grand Prairie ISD School Board Wins Award

On May 15, 2019, Grand Prairie ISD School Board in Grand Prairie, TX, won the Arts Schools Network (ASN) 2019 Governing/Support Board Award from ASN, the nation’s largest professional membership organization of specialized arts schools. The award recognizes a district Board of Education, individual school foundation, advisory, or friends’ boards for their outstanding commitment and support of high-quality arts education. The award will be presented at the annual ASN Conference, October 22-25, 2019, in Jacksonville, FL.

The Board of Trustees in Grand Prairie ISD continues to be a champion for fine arts education. Over the past decade, the School Board has escalated the number of fine arts opportunities. The District now has three fine arts academies and one STEAM academy at the elementary level, and a 6-12 grade fine arts academy. The School Board also made GPISD an open enrollment district, so students from around the Dallas/Ft. Worth area may attend any GPISD school for free, which has created waiting lists for many of GPISD’s fine arts schools and programs.

The GPISD School Board has made a conscious effort to support fine arts in the District, from paying for student travel for competitions and performances to reformatting spaces and purchasing equipment like a semi-trailer for marching band instruments. This Board understands the significance of adding more arts in school instead of taking them away.

All of this was done while education funding across Texas is at an all-time low and resources are precious. What the GPISD Board of Trustees are fighting for are rich opportunities and experiences that will ever shape the lives of students, through this investment in fine arts.

“Arts Schools Network is proud of all of our award recipients this year, and we look forward to recognizing their incredible achievement at our annual conference this fall” says Melissa Brookes, Managing Director of ASN.

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