Welcome to dance! Students will learn an introduction and history to several dance forms including, Ballet, Jazz, Lyrical, Hip Hop, and begin to learn to construct a piece of choreography. Dance I for 6th and 7th graders is where students will learn a taste of each of these disciplines. Dance II students in 7th and 8th grade will learn more in-depth choreography and more advanced dance vocabulary. Students will also begin to understand how to critique and observe dance, both through written critiques and class discussions. Students are required to wear a black leotard, black pants (black leggings or yoga style pants), and optional black jazz gore boots.

Dance Company
Students in middle school have an opportunity to audition and participate in our Middle School Dance Company. Students may audition in the spring of their sixth grade year. They rehearse and practice to perform quite frequently. This is an advanced level course similar to that of athletics. This course is designed to promote performance. They perform at most of the home volleyball and basketball games and attend at least one dance competition. Jazz shoes will be required for this course.



 Jazz Shoes Leotard Leggings Jazz Pants

Jazz Shoes                                    Leotard                                    Leggings                                    Jazz Pants