This course is designed for students with little to no instrument experience in mind. Emphasis will be placed on skills necessary for long term success. Fundamental skills include proper posture, playing technique, tone production, and note and rhythm literacy. The school is able to provide the following instruments to be played at school as well as at home free of charge: Violin, Viola, Cello, String Bass. Instruments are contractual and are at a first-come, first-served basis. Students are fully responsible for the care and maintenance of their assigned instrument. This class is a prerequisite for Concert, Philharmonic, and Symphonic Orchestra. No audition required. Students in grades 6-7 may take this course.


This course extends and reinforces what is presented in Beginning Orchestra. Emphasis will be on developing higher performance techniques. Students are required to perform in concerts given by the Orchestra Director. The Concert Orchestra is ideal for students who may need a review and reinforcement on music reading and fundamental playing skills that are necessary for musical development. This ensemble will be performing at the Winter Concert and Spring Concert. Instruments are also available for rent free of charge. No audition required. Students in grades 7-8 may take this course.


The Philharmonic Orchestra rehearses daily and once a week after school and is one of the more advanced ensembles at Young Women’s Leadership Academy. Philharmonic Orchestra is composed of students on all of the major string instruments. Instruction concentrates on advanced technical and expressive skills in an ensemble-focused setting. Membership is selective as advanced reading, musicianship and student responsibility are required. Philharmonic Orchestra will be performing in the Fall Concert, Winter Concert, UIL Concert and Sight-Reading performance, music festivals, Spring Concert, as well as various opportunities that arise. Audition required. Students in grades 6-8 may take this course.


The Symphonic Orchestra is our most advanced Middle School ensemble here at Young Women’s Leadership Academy. Instruction concentrates on advanced technical and expressive skills in a full string ensemble setting. This advanced ensemble rehearses daily during school and once or more after school. Membership in this group is highly selective as advanced music reading, musicianship, responsibility and experience are basic necessities. Students are selected by the directors based on attitude, playing ability, and dedication. Although Instruments are provided by the school contractually and free of charge, it is highly recommended to rent or purchase a higher quality instrument outside of school. Please feel free to contact the director for recommendations regarding instrument purchase or rental suggestions. The Symphonic Orchestra members will be performing at the Fall Orchestra Concert, All Region Orchestra, Young People’s Concert, Holiday Extravaganza, UIL Concert and Sight Reading, Solo and Ensemble, various music festivals, Spring Concert, and various other performances that arise. Private lessons are highly recommended. Audition Required. Students in grades 6-8 may take this course.

 Instrument Rental – YWLA will provide instruments to each student free of charge. Students and parents are required to fill out the instrument contract form and are responsible for the care and maintenance of the instrument issued.