Fight Song

<p>&lt;h3&gt;Fight Song&lt;/h3&gt;&lt;p&gt;Hall-Abaluk-Knac-Aknac&lt;br /&gt;Hall-Abaluk-Knac-Aknac&lt;br /&gt;All Hail to Grand Prairie High School&lt;br /&gt;Raise High Your Colors&lt;br /&gt;Blue and White-Fight-Fight&lt;br /&gt;Let&#39;s go you rough and ready Gophers&lt;br /&gt;We&#39;re going to win this game tonight&lt;br /&gt;Fight Fight on&lt;br /&gt;That good ole&#39; Gopher spirit&lt;br /&gt;Thrills us-&lt;br /&gt;And makes us yell and yell and yell&lt;br /&gt;Go Blue!&lt;br /&gt;So fight hard you loyal sons of G.P. High &lt;br /&gt;We&#39;re going to beat them&lt;br /&gt;All to-&lt;br /&gt;Chig-er-rig-er-ri &lt;br /&gt;Chig-er-rig-er-ri&lt;br /&gt;Rough Stuff, Tough Stuff&lt;br /&gt;Grand Prairie High&amp;nbsp;&lt;/p&gt;</p><p>It seems you don't have the required version of the flash player. Please visit <a href=""> to download the flash plugin</a></p>