Fine Information

Prom Ticket Sales are starting February 11th and students MUST clear fines in order to purchase a ticket.  ALL TICKETS will be non-transferable and non-refundable once they are sold.

Please check the Fine List to see if you owe any fines. The fine list has been updated as of February 1st. You MUST CLEAR FINESbefore ticket sale dates.  ALL students (even those who don't owe a fine) MUST have a FINE CLEARANCE PASS and a student ID in order to purchase a PROM TICKET.  IF you plan to bring an outside date to prom, you must have a copy of their ID and an outside date approval form in order to purchase their ticket. 

Student Fine List by ID# (Updated Feb 1)

We will be collecting fines NOW through Monday, February 11th for the 1st PROM TICKET SALE on Tuesday, Feb 12th (Main Campus) and Thursday, Feb 14th (Alex Building).

***NEW POLICY*** - Lunch Fines can no longer be collected on campus.  Lunch fines need to be paid to the Food Service Department located at 2341 N Beltliine Rd GP, Tx 75052.  Students will need to bring their receipt of payment for lunches to Mrs. Chmielewski to receive their clearance pass. 

Food Service at the Family Service Center

2341 N Belt Line Road

Grand Prairie, TX 75052


Cash, check (with DL and phone number) or money order

8am – 4pm


Other Fines can be paid on campus: 

  • At lunch in the main cafeteria on the landing or

  • After school in the Alex Main office to Mrs. Chmielewski

No fines will be cleared after Monday, February 11th for the 1st Prom Sale


Future Prom Ticket Sale Dates and Fine Collect dates below:

2nd Sale - $80

Fines collected 2/24 through 3/4

Main Campus Ticket Sale 3/5

Alex Building Ticket Sale 3/7


3rd Sale - $100

Fines collected 3/20 through 3/26

Main Campus Ticket Sale 3/27

Alex Building Ticket Sale 3/29