1st Day of School Information

Welcome Back Warriors,

We hope everyone had a wonderful summer and you are gearing up to come back to school on Monday.  We are excited about a new year here at South Grand Prairie HS and can’t wait to welcome all of our SGP Warriors back to campus.  We hope the following information will answer questions you might have and help prepare your Warrior for the FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!

The first day of school is this coming Monday, August 19th.  Our school hours are 7:35am - 3:00pm.  On the first day of school, ALL students will report to a homeroom type class called “SWAT” at 7:35am.  We will have posters around campus with students SWAT teacher and room # listed as well as administrators, teachers, and student leaders helping kids find their SWAT classroom.  On a regular school day, if students arrive to school before 7:25am they should report to the cafeteria to wait for the bell.  Students will be released from the cafeteria to go to their first class at 7:25am.  If students have 1st period class at the Dr. Vern Alexander building, they should wait in the Alex cafeteria until 7:25am and if their 1st period is on the main campus they would wait in the main cafeteria. SGP offers FREE breakfast to all students, so if they would like they can eat breakfast while they wait for class.

A/B Block Schedule:

We want to make sure all parents and students are aware that SGPHS is on A/B block schedule again for the 2019-2020 school year. (A_B GPISD Calendar 2019-2020.pdf ). There will be calendars posted around campus, so students are aware each day if it is an A Day or B Day. You can also access the A/B calendar on the school website under parents and students.

Bell / 1st Day Schedule:

On the first day of school we will be on a Warrior Welcome Schedule ( 1st Day Warrior Welcome Bell Schedule.docx ) .  Students will attend a homeroom type class on the first day that we call SWAT.  This will be their first class of the day on August 19th and will be from 7:35am – 8:35am.  In SWAT, students will receive a new updated GOLD schedule as well as a lot of other important information.  All students must follow their GOLD schedule even if it is different from what they received during schedule pick up.  Seniors, who do not have a 1st period class, must attend SWAT on the first day at 7:35am in order to receive their new schedule and other important documents.  SWAT lists will be posted around campus on large posters the first day of school so students will be able to find out what classroom and teacher they have for SWAT. We will also have student groups, administrators, and staff helping students to find their classes throughout the day.

If your student did not attend schedule pick up and/or turn in proof of residency, they will not have a schedule in SWAT.  They will need to make sure before they come on Monday, August 19th that online registration has been completed and they bring proof of residency to school with them.  Proof of residency can be: a gas, water, or electric bill, or a lease agreement) It MUST be current within the last 30 days.  See more info: https://www.gpisd.org/site/default.aspx?PageType=3&ModuleInstanceID=45386&ViewID=7b97f7ed-8e5e-4120-848f-a8b4987d588f&RenderLoc=0&FlexDataID=36176&PageID=79

Attached you will find the SGP Bell Schedule for 2019-2020.  These schedules are also located on the SGPHS website under parents and students.

2019-2020 SGPHS Bell Schedule.pdf 


If you plan to drop off and/or pick up your child from school, please see attached traffic map. We need parents and students to pay careful attention to the traffic flow in order to make things run smoothly when dropping off and picking up students from school.  Please make sure you plan extra time in the mornings to navigate through traffic until everyone is familiar with the SGP traffic route. Pay careful attention to roads that are entrance only, exit only, and bus lane only.  Students and visitors will enter and exit the building at the new main entrance. See attached map and other detailed information below.

SGPHS Parking Traffic Pattern Map.pdf 


The bus drop-off area is going to continue to be around the Alexander Building.  At dismissal, busses will line up in two rows along the East side of the Alexander Building to be boarded.  Student bus riders from the Main Campus can exit through the main entrance doors.  All bus lanes are restricted to bus use only.  No vehicles may use these bus lanes at any point during the school day from 6:45 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.

Student Drop-off/Pick-up

Vehicle entrance into the drop-off/pick-up lane will be from Warrior Tr. next to the bus exit lane between the Alex building and Main building.  Traffic will move in two lanes around the front of the main building and exiting in either direction onto Corn Valley.  Students should be dropped-off/picked-up in front of the Main Campus.

Main Campus Entry for Visitors

Visitor parking during the school day is located in the main parking lot directly in front of the main entrance doors.  Visitors enter the Main Campus through the glass doors and will be buzzed into the reception area to receive a visitor badge and gain access to the building.

Entering the Main Campus for Students at Drop-off

Students being dropped off in the morning and those that drive will enter the Main Campus through the main entrance and will make their way into the cafeteria.

Exiting the Main Campus at Dismissal to Pick-up Lane and Parking Lot

Students will also exit the building through the main entrance.  Upon exiting the building, those being picked-up will make their way to their ride in the pick-up lanes.  Those that drive will need to use the student cross walk to get to their vehicles in the student parking area.

Passing Periods

All students moving between the Main Campus and the Alex Building will use either the lobby entrance and exit walking between the J Wing and theatre or walk down the coliseum corridor to the glass exit doors.  The main entrance will not be used as an exit or entrance during passing period. Students are not authorized to be in front of the building or in the parking lot during passing periods.

Please, contact Mr. Starling at terrence.starling@gpisd.org for clarification or any questions about drop off/pick up or student parking on campus. See website for all information about student drivers on campus

Dress Code/ID’s:

Students are expected to dress appropriately in dress code and wearing their SGP ID at all times throughout the school day.  In order to maintain a safe and productive educational environment, these policies will be enforced. If students were not able to get an ID photo during schedule pick up, they will get one taken during the first week of school.  Parents please make sure you and your student review the GPISD Dress code located on the district website under High School Handbook/Dress Code or see attached document.

Student Dress Code 2019-2020.pdf 

Student Code of Conduct.pdf 


Communication Information:

Social media is a great way to get connected to all the great things going on at South Grand Prairie HS.  We have Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram that is used to update students and parents on school information as well as the school website (https://www.gpisd.org/Page/79).  SGP also uses REMIND (which is a one-way text system) that allows us to send text messages with important information directly to your cell phone.  There is a REMIND group for each grade level as well as for parents.  Please see attached social media information and get connected as soon as possible.  If you have any questions regarding communication on campus, email amy.day@gpisd.org

2019-2020 Social Media Info.docx 

Our SGP Staff is looking forward to a wonderful 2019-2020 school year!