2018-2019 Student Campus Parking

Student Parking Permit Info:

There will be new parking procedures for the 2018-2019 school year. Students will be required to get a FREE parking permit to park on campus.  The following documents must be submitted in order to receive a parking permit. If you or your student are not able to attend schedule pick up on August 7-9, parking permit documents will need to be taken care of during the first few weeks of school.

No students will be allowed to park on campus without a parking permit.  

Parking Permit documents to submit:

  • Valid Driver’s License (Student’s Driver License)
  • Valid Proof of Insurance (Student’s name must be on the insurance policy)
  • Completed Parking Permit Request Form - Parking Permit Form

Click here to see a map of where students and staff can park: 

2018-19 GPHS Campus Parking Map