Johnson DAEP Parent & Student Information


650 Stonewall Dr.
Grand Prairie, Texas 75052
Phone: (972) 262-7244 Fax: (972) 264-9479

Principal: Brayonna Howard

Assistant Principal: Mrs. Sandy Davila-Tijerina

School hours: 7:20 A.M. – 2:45 P.M


  • It is required that a parent or guardian and the student attend an Intake Session before the student can be enrolled at Johnson DAEP. A parent or guardian and the student must attend an intake session before every placement at Johnson during the same school year.
  • Students must be in the proper dress code when they arrive at Johnson DAEP on the first day of their assignment.
  • White shirt with a collar (no writing, logos, etc.); tucked in at all times; either short sleeved or long sleeved (not sleeveless); may be either a white polo shirt or a white button down shirt; must not be oversized.
  • Dress slacks – black, navy blue, or khaki – with a belt; must not be oversized or sagging at any time.
  • Johnson DAEP will not be responsible for providing a student’s clothing. Our expectation is for each student to be in the proper dress code each day. In order to receive full credit on the point system, a student must enter Johnson DAEP in PROPER DRESS CODE. If a student is out of dress code, points will be deducted on the student’s point card.
  • Not allowed: jeans, shorts, Capri’s, leggings, cargo pants, sweatpants, windbreaker pants, or oversized clothing. Undergarments must not be visible through the clothing. No red or blue clothing, socks, shoes, shoelaces, or logos will be allowed at all. Tattoos and hickeys must be covered up AT ALL TIMES.
  • All students must wear their school I.D. from their home campus. Replacement IDs cost $4.00.
  • Students will not be allowed to have: jewelry of any kind, cell phones, any electronic devices, backpacks, purses, or pens.


  1. Is it a requirement to attend an Intake Session before a student can attend Johnson DAEP?
    Yes, it is mandatory that a parent or guardian and the student attend an Intake Session before the student can be enrolled at Johnson. They must also return to Johnson to verify and update the student’s information before each additional assignment.

  2. I work and cannot take off to attend an Intake Session – what are my options?
    It is required for a parent or guardian to attend an Intake Session with the student.

  3. What is the dress code?
    All students must wear a tucked-in white shirt with a collar, (a polo shirt or a button-down shirt), that does not have any writing or logos on it. All students must wear either black, navy blue, or khaki slacks (NOT JEANS!) with a belt. STUDENTS CANNOT WEAR: SAGGING OR OVER-SIZED CLOTHING, JEANS, CARGO PANTS, CAPRIS, LEGGINGS, OR SHORTS, ANY RED OR BLUE CLOTHING, UNDERGARMENTS THAT CAN BE SEEN THROUGH CLOTHING, ANY JEWELRY AT ALL STUDENTS MUST BE IN PROPER DRESS WHEN THEY ARRIVE FOR THEIR FIRST DAY AT JOHNSON!

  4. My child does not have any white shirts or the right kind of slacks – what are my options?
    We expect for each student to be in the proper dress code each day, and in order to receive full credit on Johnson’s point system, the student must be in proper dress code each day. If a student is out of dress code, points will be deducted from the point card. If you need assistance with getting your child the proper clothing, please see our Social Worker.

  5. What supplies does my child need to have?
    Your child needs to have a spiral notebook or notebook paper and a pencil every day. Backpacks and purses are not allowed.

  6. What are my child’s options for lunch?
    Johnson honors the free and reduced lunch status from the home campus. Students may bring their own sack lunch or they may purchase a school lunch. Johnson serves freshly prepared hot lunches. Any lunches brought into the school must not have a broken seal – if they have been opened, they will be discarded at the check in. No fast food is allowed to be brought in.

  7. If my child has late arrival, early release, or work release at the home campus, will they also have this at Johnson?
    No. Students at Johnson need to attend school from 7:20 A.M. to 2:45 P.M. There is no late arrival or early release.

  8. Is bus transportation provided for students?
    Yes, bus transportation is provided for Johnson’s students. ALL JOHNSON STUDENTS MUST HAVE THEIR SCHOOL ID IN ORDER TO RIDE A BUS. If a student misbehaves while on the bus, they may be denied the privilege of riding the bus. There are monitors on each of the buses and the students must follow the monitor’s rules.

  9. Will my child be allowed to drive his/her car to Johnson?
    No, students are NOT allowed to drive to Johnson.

  10. I have a child at another school in Grand Prairie. Is my child who attends Johnson able to pick up my other child?
    No. Students attending Johnson are not allowed to be on any other GPISD campus while they are enrolled at Johnson.

  11. I have trouble getting my child out of bed – can the SRO pick up my child and take him/her to school?
    No. The School Resource Officer’s job responsibilities DO NOT include this service; however, it is important that you keep Johnson and the GPISD truant officer informed about your efforts to get your child to school. You may get the telephone number of your child’s truant officer from the attendance clerk at Johnson.