October 2018 - CIC Meeting Notes

October 2018 - CIC Meeting Notes (Print Version - PDF)

CIC Meeting Notes

Tuesday, October 23, 2018
Start time 4:00 PM
End time 5:15 PM

Review Student Data

  • Based on last school end of year data
  • Title 1 schools – School wide targeted assistance program
    • Ethnic distribution remains consistent with the previous year with 94% of the campus in economically disadvantaged.
    • Student demographics are 79% Hispanic, 12% African American, 6.3% White, .9% Pacific Islander, .36% Asian, .04% other
    • Federal Fund strictly for low social economics campus, students at risk of failing, the bridge to gap to address needs.
  • Accountability rating for 2017-2018 – Met standard with a score of 82 v
  • Exceeded all domain requirements
  • Index 1 student achievement increased from 64 to 72
  • Index 2 student Progress increased from 41 to 82
  • Index3 closing the performance Gap increased from 36 to 78


  • Student Achievement – Students will demonstrate exemplary performance in comparison to state, national and international standards in the areas of reading and writing of the English language and in understanding of mathematics, science and social studies.
    • Strategies will be to utilize PLC’s to provide collaboration time for teacher
    • I coach supplemental work
    • Meet regularly with Admin team to discuss alignment and design lessons
    • Monitor progress campus wide to make adjustments to student individual learning plans as needed.


  • Qualified and highly effective personnel will be recruited, developed and retained.
  • Program strength
    • conducting formal observation for growth on teachers- data meetings, T-TESS
    • plc’s collaboration time for teachers
    • conference to provide feedback on strengths in an area for growth for teachers and students
    • professional development based on campus needs on Wednesdays.
    • Implement staff incentives for attendance and student academic performance
    • RTI meetings


  • Parents and community members will be full partners with educators in education of GPISD students.
    • Parent engagement low- low income population, not enough time to spend with child due to -hardships and work.
    • CIC
    • engagement activities – 5 de Mayo, MLK parade
    • All pro dad programs
    • increase parent communication with phone blast to remind parents to check for fliers.
    • Parent workshops with counselors

      The at-risk population is 80% for Lee Elementary

    • Homeless population makes up almost 10%
    • Special Education makes up 10.2%
    • Mobility is 20%
    • Enrollment declined from 555 to 500 (Student mobility rate has grown and neighborhood charter schools are drawing our students.


  • Instructional technology will be incorporated to increase the effectiveness of teaching and learning.
    • Learning A-Z
    • Increase technology in their lessons


  • Lee Elementary will continue to develop and maintain a safe and disciplined environment conducive to teaching and learning.
    • Security – Raptor system
    • Drills v Classroom doors locked
    • Safe schools
    • Anonymous bullying report system for students and parents

Additional Notes

  • Tutoring 4 days a week starting 11/06/18
  • Tutoring 2 weeks before STAAR will be 5 days a week
  • Cross curriculum nights for parents
  • Parents conference nights