October 2019 - CIC Agenda and Notes

2019-2020 Campus Site-Based Committee

October 3, 2019 5:00 PM Dubiski Library

Good Things
Overview of CIC and CIP processes
Review Needs Assessment / School Processes and programs Group Goal and Strategy review

Goal 1 – Student Achievement Goal 2 – Personnel
Goal 3 – Parent & Community Goal 4 – Instructional Technology Goal 5 – Safe School Environment

Attendance Incentives

  • Come up with quarterly incentives for attendance.

  • Possible ideas-Reaching out to the community for big ticket items to engage students and get

    them excited about raising attendance. Parent/Community engagement

• Possibility of a Math or Science Night to increase parent engagement to garner interest in support of higher-level courses.

Upcoming Meetings

November – E-meeting to monitor goals and strategies January – E-meeting to monitor goals and strategies March – Goal Review and planning for 19-20