d. Testing Calendar and Schedule for TSI, ACT, and SAT


2019-20 TSI, PSAT, SAT Testing Dates (Print Version - PDF)

TSI, PSAT, SAT 2019-20 Testing Dates

TSI Boot Camps and Testing

  • November 8th—TSI Testing for 9th Grade
  • March 16th – 20th, TSI Registration and Practice Test Review during AVID classes for all 8th grade and those yet to have passed
  • March 20th—TSI Bootcamp
  • March 27th—TSI Testing
  • June 1st—TSI Bootcamp for those not yet passed
  • June 2nd—TSI Test for those not yet passed

PSAT Testing Dates

  • September 16th – 20th—PSAT discussion and practice tests with all 8th graders during AVID
  • October 16th—PSAT in the School Day

SAT Testing Dates

  • March 4th

AP Testing Dates

  • May 5th AM AP Calculus AB
  • Math 5th PM AP Human Geography
  • May 7th AP Physics 1:  Algebra Based
  • May 11th AP Biology
  • May 14th AP World History:  Modern
  • May 15th AP Computer Science Principles
  • May 15th AP Statistics