b. Tutoring and Other Intervention/Remediation Program Schedules

Intervention, Remediation, and Enrichment

Grand Prairie Collegiate Institute strives to promote academic excellence through intervention, remediation, and enrichment for all scholars.  Using data-driven protocols and processes, scholars and instructors are involved in setting and tracking their own goals. Scholars utilize a reflection sheet where they track progress and goals using their previous years data and set their target scores on district assessments based on this data.  Scholars are required to write personal reflections based on their performance after each quarter assessment. 

Remediation is provided based on beginning of the year and informal assessment data for scholars. Tutorials are embedded into the master schedule to provide support for scholars. Schedules are individualized based on student data and need. Enrichment is provided for scholars through tutorials and advanced study sessions using College Board,  Advanced Placement, and Kagan strategies. 

Instructors design and implement intervention and enrichment activities by utilizing a teacher data form to track student progress, set goals, and identify scholars who are in the Meets and Masters area.  After each quarter assessment, instructors analyze and complete data forms and design instruction to meet the needs for each student. They identity weak student expectations and create plans for re-teaching, spiraling, and dates for administrators to observe the new or revised instructional practices.  Each instructor also meets with the principal, dean of instruction, and appraiser to review data forms. This collaboration process facilitates the learning that occurs in professional learning communities.