Advanced Academics English II

2020 Advanced Academics English II Summer Reading Information
The summer reading informational page provides details about the two books students must read over the summer and the required summer assignment.

2020 Summer Reading Assignment - Tracking Your Thinking The summer reading assignment for the fiction book is to complete a dialectal journal tracking your thinking as you read.  This assignment is due the first week of class. This page includes the directions and rubric.

2020 Summer Reading Assignment Examples - PRINTABLE PDF The attached pdf Tracking Your Thinking Examples are meant as samples only to demonstrate the quality of the responses as described in the rubric. Please see the directions on the Reading Information sheet and the details on the assignment and rubric page for further clarification.

Assignment Templates

Students in Advanced Academics English or AP English Literature will have to complete a Tracking Your Thinking Over the Course of a Book dialectical journal. Students may neatly handwrite the journal or they may download and use one of these templates to complete the assignment.  More details about the assignment are listed under each course designation below.  

PDF TEMPLATE Tracking Your Thinking Over the Course of a Book - FILLABLE PDFYou can download this fillable PDF template for the assignment.

Word TEMPLATE Tracking Your Thinking Over the Course of a Book - Printable Word DocumentYou can download and edit or print this Word document template for the assignment.