2nd Grade

Our goal is to prepare our students for life's choices and challenges. We will maintain high expectations and challenge students to learn, grow, and achieve to each student's highest possible potential. We will enhance the learning process by fostering an atmosphere of respect, love and dignity.

What Good Readers Do

Each current 2nd Grade student is encouraged to be reading at least on level 28 with adequate comprehension and fluency before going to the 3rd Grade. Parents are encouraged to continue reading with their child at home. Below are some reading techniques that we teach our students when they encounter a difficult or unknown word.

  1. Skip it and go back. Read the remainder of the sentence for context clues.
  2. Look at the picture for clues.
  3. Stretch the word out.
  4. Look for word parts (chunks) that you know.
  5. If all the above was attempted - ask someone