Amber Moffitt

Amber Moffitt, Board Member


Amber Moffitt is a Servant Leader that has a heart for helping others. Advocating for our future generation began for her at a very young age and by the time she graduated from high school in the top 6% of her class, she had over 750 hours of community service. Her service to the community and helping meet the needs of others afforded her the opportunity to become a recipient of the Gates Millennium Scholarship funded through Bill Gates and the United Negro College Fund, which has paid for all of her postsecondary education (Bachelor’s, Masters, and now Doctoral). 

Amber Moffitt has dedicated her career to being a part of the solution- identifying and addressing educational gaps and providing resources to help our youth and community thrive.  She has served as a GPISD counselor at all three levels (elementary, middle, & high school, including alternative education), and was awarded Middle School Counselor of the Year for the State of Texas in 2013. As a result, she was nominated for American School Counselor of the Year and attended the ASCA ceremony at the White House under the Obama Administration in 2015 as a semi-finalist. Serving others is so important to her, and it is her belief that it places you in a position to initiate systemic change where needed and be a voice to those that I serve. Her motto has always been that she is saved to serve!

The passion and the love that she has for children and meeting their needs is evident in the everyday work that she does, as well as the knowledge and skills that she has acquired from being a lifelong learner and educational practitioner. Student Achievement and meeting the needs of the whole child is imperative. As a counselor and coordinator of counseling services she states that, “It is our duty to assist students with removing social emotional barriers that are impeding on them from being successful. This includes breaking down those barriers with all stakeholders on board.”

Amber is Grand Prairie Proud, Dedicated to Education, and Committed to Excellence. She is the mother of 2 daughters, and currently a Coordinator of Counseling Services in a neighboring district, which makes this her 16th year in education. She is also the VP of Secondary for the Lone Star State School Counselor Association, as well as a speaker, mentor, daughter, sister, and friend who knows that this life that she has been given is a gift that is not to be taken for granted.