Counseling Services Mission Statement

The mission of the Grand Prairie ISD Counseling Services Department is to provide all students a safe, inclusive, and positive learning environment that focuses on supporting the holistic needs of students and their families.

We aim to:

Create programs and supports to assist students with removing social, emotional, and economic barriers that are impeding student achievement.

Empower every student to design a comprehensive plan for their future by providing college, career, and military readiness exposure and advisement for grades K through 12.

Teach students essential life skills through social-emotional learning (SEL) lessons, kindness initiatives, and self-accountability

campaigns so students will be able to utilize these skills and lead by example in every facet of their lives.

Truman Counseling Services Vision Statement

The Counseling Services Department at Truman Middle School's vision is to provide a comprehensive counseling program that ensures student success for all students.

Ensuring that every student will acquire the career, academic and social/emotional skills to become productive, caring, ethical and contributing members of society in the future.