Animal Assisted Therapy at Jackson Middle School- What is it and Who Can Participate?

Benefits of Animal Assisted Therapy

  • Lowers blood pressure and heart rate
  • Builds positive self-esteem
  • Reduces stress-inducing hormones and raises happiness hormones within the body -Provides non-judgmental, selfless love and attention
  • Can enhance cognitive development
  • Can promote more prosocial behaviors in children with autism spectrum disorders
  • Helps decrease feelings of loneliness and isolation
  • Increases social and verbal interactions in children with speech concerns or shy behavior -Aides in turning off anger, anxiety, and depression

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How did Mrs. Ali get registered for AAT? - Mrs. Ali and Charlie are registered through Pet Partners, a national training and evaluation group.
  • What about kids with asthma and allergies? - Therapy animals must be bathed within 24 hours of making a visit and parents may request that their child doesn’t interact with Charlie by indicating on the form below.
  • Has Charlie ever bit anyone? - No, not only is Charlie a registered therapy dog, but she also passed her Canine Good Citizen test.
  • How big is the therapy dog? - Charlie is a mini Australian Shepherd, so she is a smaller breed. She weighs around 30 pounds and is extremely calm and laid back. She has been a therapy dog for almost a year and loves kids!
  • Can we send our dog to school? - No, to be a therapy animal, extensive training and registration is required. Mrs. Ali and Charlie even have to retest regularly to maintain their accreditation.