How Students Request Transcripts

How Students Request Transcripts

Access the College Planning Tools

To begin with, go to College Planning from the Goals & Plans link in the top menu of on the Dashboard.

This page is a central hub to view all the applications you're tracking, and local scholarships available. Or check our the Knowledge Hub with topics to help you plan for college.

Create an Application to Track

Click Create Your First Application to choose the college you want to track your application with.

If this isn't your first one, this page will be a list of your previous applications.

Use the search bar to enter the school name and click Select, then click Next.

On the next page, add details such as your application Admission Type and Deadline. Then click Create to begin tracking your application for this college.

Send a Transcript

In the application tracker for the college, you'll see the Applications Checklist. Use this checklist to track the things you need to complete for the application.

From the list, where it says Transcript, click Request to request your high school send your transcript to the school.

If you don't see Transcript listed under the requirements, this college may not require it. You can still make a request by clicking Add Task and selecting Transcript.

View the Progress

View the status of your sent Transcript by opening the Application Tracker of the college you want to view.

From under Application Checklist, click the drop-down next to Transcript and select Track Transcript.

View the chronological updates of your transcript request.