Addressing Bullying in GPISD

Addressing Bullying in GPISD

Bullying Prevention Efforts that GPISD Counselors Provide (Print Version PDF)

Programa de Prevención del Acoso de Grand Prairie ISD (Print Version - PDF)

In GPISD, counselors provide bullying prevention and intervention with a two-part approach:

Counselors focus on promoting kindness and compassion as a method to prevent bullying

  • Campuses follow the district BE KIND monthly themes to be promoted through campus activities. Campuses have a school-wide theme which drives campus Bullying Prevention and Stand4Kind Kindness Crew activities for the year.
  • Each campus plans bullying prevention activities to enhance bullying awareness and prevention for the year. 

Highlights Include

  • Secondary Guidance Lessons
    • Teen Dating Violence/Harassment/Bullying Awareness and Prevention
    • Suicide Prevention and Intervention
    • Character education
  • Elementary guidance lessons
    • Bullying Awareness and Prevention
    • Character education
  • Positive character trait celebrations/awards for students
  • Second Step groups for anger management and self-control
  • October Bullying Prevention Month Activities
  • Parent Newsletters/Workshops
  • Elementary parent workshops
  • Access to StopIt Reporting for Students/Parents
  • Stand4Kind Kindness Crew Clubs at all campuses
  • Handprints on Hearts Mentoring available at all campuses
  • Kindness Challenges for elementary campuses
  • Stand4Kind assemblies at select secondary campuses

Counseling support is provided for students who bully and for those who are victims of bullies

Students who have been the victim of bullying

  • strategies for minimizing exposure to further incidents/coping skills
  • check-in/check-out
  • social/emotional support

Students who have bullied other students

  • student should complete the Student Reflection Form
  • social/emotional support

Additional counseling supports:

  • Peer mediation
  • Social skills groups
  • Behavior RTI

Counseling Services also provides the following online resources

  • Senate Bill 179: David's Law
  • StopIt Anonymous Reporting by Campus
  • AP Quick Guide - Bullying / Harassment Protocol
  • Bullying Prevention Information and Parent Resources

Bullying & Harassment Report Flowchart

Bullying/Harassment Report Flowchart (Print Version - PDF)

Diagrama de Flujo de Informe de Acoso (Print Version - PDF)

Step 1) Report of Bullying and Harassment Incident (In-Person Written Report, Written Anonymous Report or Online Anonymous Report)

Step 2) Designated Campus Administrator (complete steps 3 and 4 )

Step 3) Notification of incident must be made

  • To the parent/ guardian of alleged victim on or before the third business day after the date the incident is reported
  • To the parent or guardian of the alleged perpetrator within a reasonable amount of time

Step 4) Investigation must be initiated and completed within 5 school days (complete steps 5 and 6)

Step 5) Results of Investigation

  • Determination if disciplinary action is warranted
  • Notification to parents of alleged victim
  • Notification to parents of alleged perpetrator
  • Notification to appropriate GPISD personnel
  • Notification to GP Police Department if required

Step 6) Refer Alleged Victim AND Alleged Perpetrator to Counselor for Counseling Support including

  • Individual Counseling
  • Small Group Counseling
  • Crisis Counseling
  • Peer Mediation
  • Family Resources