Media Relations

Media Relations

Grand Prairie ISD prides itself on maintaining a productive working relationship with the local media.

The Public Engagement and Public Information Department is charged with overseeing media relations and will support all our schools and departments by managing all interactions with reporters and news organizations.

We will provide assistance to print, broadcast and online media with interview requests, access to campuses, photos, and press releases. Typically, the Superintendent of Schools (or a designee) serves as the primary spokesperson for the District on all matters of District-wide interest. The president of the Board of Trustees serves as the primary spokesperson for the Board.

The District is committed to cultivating and maintaining an open and productive relationship with the news media. We recognize the media are a source of information about our schools for families and the community.

The District also recognizes the importance of ensuring the safety and privacy of students, staff, and families. District officials, schools, and staff will cooperate with the news media to the extent that is required and appropriate by law, while ensuring media coverage does not interfere with teaching and learning.

Please direct all media inquiries to Sam Buchmeyer, Director of Public Information, in the Department of Public Engagement and Public Information at 972.237.5380.