quick facts

Quick Facts

  1. Missing school one day per week means missing one full year of instruction for every five years that they are in school.
  2. Every day a student is absent from class costs GPISD $31.10 in revenue from the state. We do not get funding for student absences.
  3. If we raise the attendance rate by just 1 percent District-wide, it would result in approximately $1 million per year in increased state revenue. That's money that goes directly into your child's education.
  4. If GPISD had 100% attendance each year, the school district would receive $3-4 million in additional state funding annually.
  5. A diploma has an economic value! High school graduates earn 38 percent more than those without a diploma, and college graduates earn 140 percent more! By graduating from high school, your child can earn more than a million dollars in their lifetime. That can lead to even greater success if they attend college.

Give your child every opportunity to succeed in GPISD by encouraging excellence school attendance.