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20 ways you and your family can take advantage of an EAP Program

There are many more reasons you might see your EAP counselor. Remember, the employee assistance program is not just for people in crisis, but also to help employees and their family members with the everyday problems that we all face in life. Your EAP can help with:

  • personality conflicts at home or on the job
  • money management and financial problems n an adolescent who is using drugs or alcohol n support in deciding on proper care
  • for elderly parents
  • a child who has a behavioral problem at home or at school
  • anxiety or depression
  • domestic violence
  • feelings of being overwhelmed
  • learning to be more assertive
  • clarifying important life decisions and problem solving
  • dealing with the loss of a loved one
  • managing stress
  • feelings of loneliness
  • recognizing a substance abuse problem
  • resources for marital counseling n  ways to improve your self-esteem n    a gambling problem
  • support when living with a person who abuses alcohol or drugs
  • help with learning positive communication skills
  • adjusting to a divorce or separation

EAP is caring, confidential, convenient to use, and it’s FREE!

  • No one will know you have used the EAP; names are not reported to your supervisor.
  • There is no cost to see the EAP counselor.