Digital Citizenship for Middle School and High School GPISD Students

1. Is it Fair?

Open and read the following article. 

They Loved Your G.P.A. Then They Saw Your Tweets, NY Times Article

Answer this Discussion Question:
Is it fair for a student’s digital footprint to impact college admission?

So I Took a Photo of My Friend 2. So I Took a Photo of My Friend...

Students please install the Keynote app from your Self Service icon on your student iPad. Tap this Keynote titled Photo Citizenship Keynote File and open it. Teachers, please do the same on your teacher iPad and guide students through the Keynote using the Presenter Notes. We give credit for this Keynote to Common Sense Media.

Should I Share pdf poster and web location for poster

3. Take the Digital Citizenship Pledge

Digital Citizenship Pledge

Read along with your class/teacher. Use MarkUp to annotate and sign your name.