Slide Deck from the Evening Presentation for Parents

Learning with iPads

"Why iPads?" you might ask. Our district believes that students should have the latest technology available at their hands during the school day to learn, inquire, research, and create. Our Teaching and Learning Department looked at the requirements that our state has for students: the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills. They looked at the standards that are expected of our students in Texas. The Instructional Media and Technology Department looked at the national standards that ISTE (International Society of Technology for Education) requires of our students. Then the district looked at the various tools that can help students accomplish theses things. iPads came to the top for every standard. We are proud that our district provides the latest and greatest technology in order to prepare students for their life after GPISD, whether it be a career or a college admission. We also provide MacBook Airs on carts at our campuses that can be checked out by teachers for the students. These stay in the classoorm, however they can be used for a variety of projects and research that the students might need. The MacBook Airs boot into both the Mac side and Windows side so that once again, students have the right tool for the right job.