“Finding Nemo” is Next Film to be Dubbed in Navajo

WINDOW ROCK—With the Navajo-dubbed version of “Star Wars” still in demand on DVD, the next movie to be dubbed into Navajo is the Walt Disney classic “Finding Nemo.”

Manuelito Wheeler, director of the Navajo Nation Museum, made the announcement Wednesday, saying that the museum and the Walt Disney Studio entered into a final agreement on Tuesday to make this happen.

Although Wheeler received hundreds of suggestions, including some for “The Godfather,” as the movie people wanted to see become the second movie dubbed into Navajo, Wheeler said “Finding Nemo” was a natural next step in a larger cultural initiative to preserve and teach the language.

After “Star Wars: Eipsode IV A New Hope” was dubbed and “seeing the audience’s reaction. I knew we needed to do more for the kids,” said Wheeler.

Editor’s Note: This article first appeared in the Navajo Times. Used with permission. All rights reserved.