How will I decide which school is the best fit for my child?

Each November, GPISD hosts a free districtwide showcase called The Experience to help families explore and discover the perfect fit for their child. Students, teachers, and administrators from every GPISD campus are available on site to provide first-hand knowledge about the individual aspects of each school and how it fits in with your child’s long-term educational path. If unable to attend The Experience, families can schedule campus tours year-round as well as research the district and school websites to help them make the most informed decision. 

mouse graphic How do I apply?
Complete a very simple online application following The Experience, held each November. Visit the Kaleidoscope Application Timeline for specific dates and times.

How will I know if my child has been accepted?
accepted envelope
Once the student’s application has been reviewed, parents will receive an email notification of preliminary acceptance. Acceptance is primarily dependent upon space availability and academic requirements.