South Grand Prairie High School

sgp South Grand Prairie High School | 9-12 (Traditional Campus offering CTE Programs of Choice)

SGPH Facade South Grand Prairie High School, is a 6-A, comprehensive high school that is steeped in a rich tradition of excellence. At SGP, educators cultivate empowered learners who are able to take command of their life journey.

How to know South Grand Prairie High School is right for your child:

1. Your child seeks the opportunity to engage in a well-rounded, traditional high school setting that includes numerous opportunities in the fine arts, athletics, Choice programs and advanced academics.
2. Your child thrives in a student body that is highly engaged and promotes diversity and acceptance.
3. You seek the opportunity for a FREE college education for your child.

Unique ways your child can learn and grow here: 

  • Veterinary Studies, Sports Medicine, Horticulture, and Education & Leadership pathways with integrated off-campus internships
  • Over 25 Dual-credit/Advanced Placement courses available
  • 50+ extracurricular clubs, teams, and organizations